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India to launch Mars mission by November 2013

New Deli, Sep 10 (): The preparation for the launch of India’s Mars mission is going on and is scheduled to launch in late October or early November. It will be launched from a space port in the south of the country.

U.R. Rao of the Governing Council of Physical Research Laboratory said, “Hectic preparations are on to launch Indian Space Research Organization’s ambitious Mars Orbiter Mission in November.”

The Mars mission called ‘Mangalyaan’ will be sent through by a powerful PSLV-XL launch vehicle, he added. The 450-crore mission will explore the existence of life on Mars and will be launched on the polar satellite launch vehicle-C25 (PSLV-C25). The satellite will carry Lyman Alpha Photometer, a methane sensor, a colour camera and TIR imaging spectrometer to study about the surface composition and mineralogy.

Earlier, Shar scientists have effectively conducted some vigorous static tests for strap-on motor (PSOM-XL) related to PSLV-C25/Mars mission at Satish Dhawan Space Centre last month. The spacecraft cleared a crucial 15-day test at the Bangalore satellite centre. The satellite will have an acoustic and vibration test to assess its response again in a simulated launch environment and after the test,  the spacecraft will be moved to Sriharikota sometime in the middle of September.

Mr.Rao added, “The unmanned mission, which will explore the existence of life and the possibility of sustaining life on Mars, will travel 299 days in space before reaching the Red Planet in September 2014.” During this nine-month voyage to orbit the Red Planet, the satellite will be at a distance of 54.6 million km away from Earth.

India will be the sixth country to launch a Mars mission after the U.S., Russia, Europe, China and Japan.

In another statement, ISRO stated that the GSLV-D5 launch was called off on August 19 just two hours before lift-off that was due to a leak in the UH25 fuel system of the liquid second stage. A team of scientists were searching into snag tentatively and proposed its launch in the first week of December.