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BJP raps Congress for questioning Modi’s stance on corruption

New Delhi, Sep 10 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday lashed out at the Congress for pointing finger of suspicion towards the Gujarat Cabinet led by Narendra Modi, and said it is a democratic country and the ruling party at the Centre has no business to sit on judgement.

BJP leader Balbir Punj said the Congress Party has not got any divine right to decide and pontificate as to who has the authority to check morals in this country.

“It is very surprising, a party where they are tainted right from top to bottom, they have arrogated themselves the authority to decide as to who can question their morality, who can question their honesty and integrity and who cannot. It is a democratic country and Congress of all the people of all the party has absolutely no business to sit on judgement on this issue,” he added.

Punj, while giving a point by point rebuttal of all the allegations made against Modi by AICC General Secretary and Communication Department in-charge Ajay Maken, claimed that the BJP runs one of the most efficient and honest governments in the entire country in Gujarat

“Here the Cabinet of Dr. Manmohan Singh, starting from Dr. Manmohan Singh down everybody either there are clouds of suspicion or they had to be sacked under court orders. So, these are the people who are talking about honesty and integrity. We run one of the most efficient and honest governments in the entire country in Gujarat,” he added.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi echoing similar sentiments said every citizen of this country has the right to talk about the Congress’s corruption.

“As and far as their allegations are concerned, it should be DDA housing scam as Ajay Maken was incharge of it and there were charges found against him. When he was state minister for Urban Development he was charged of this and he should remember this,” she added, while emphasizing that the ruling Congress Party should introspect itself rather than indulging in blame game.

The Congress Party earlier this evening hit back at Modi for blaming the ruling party at the Centre for rampant corruption in the country, and criticized him for maintaining double standards on the issue.

Taking potshots at the Gujarat Chief Minister for not expelling Babubhai Bokhiria from the state cabinet despite him being made accused in an illegal mining case, AICC General Secretary and Communication Department in-charge Ajay Maken said that neither the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) nor Modi has right to speak on the issue of corruption.

“Why there has been no Lokayukta in Gujarat since 2002?” he asked.

Maken also took on the BJP’s campaign committee chief for sharing dais with BJP ex-president Bangaru Lakshman who was convicted in a corruption case.

He also asked Modi to explain why Nitin Gadkari’s name was withdrawn at the last minute from the race for BJP president’s post.

Launching a scathing attack on the Congress-led UPA over the rampant corruption and scandals, Modi earlier in the day said the country is on the ‘verge of destruction’.

Addressing a rally at Amroodon ka Bagh in Jaipur, Modi said there is no accountability in the Congress-led UPA II Government at the Centre.

“With Congress, we can’t make India corruption free. For that the medicine is to free ourselves of Congress,” said Modi.

“Now, the children will learn A for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors scam, C for CWG scam, D for ‘Damad Ka Karobar’. This is a government, which is without a ‘Neta’ (leader), Naitikta (morality), ‘Neeyat’ (intention) and ‘Neeti’ (policy),” he added. (ANI)