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Toofan Review

Sep 6 (): Toofan is the remake of Bollywood’s 1973 classic hit, Zanjeer.


3.5 / 5

Cast and crew

Star Cast : Ram Charan Teja, Priyanka Chopra , Srihari , Prakash Raj

Director  : Apoorva Lakhia


ACP Vijay Khanna is a young, honest and aggressive cop. He is often given transfer due to his straight-forward nature, but Vijay never changes his attitude. He is transferred to Mumbai, after an argument with some ruling party members in Hyderabad.

Vijay is given the task of investigating the violent murder of a deputy collector. He soon realises that a powerful oil mafia is behind the crime. An NRI named Maya (Priyanka Chopra) is the only witness to the murder and Vijay seeks her help. After a thorough investigation, Vijay finds that the very wealthy Rudra Pratap Teja (Prakash Raj) is the man behind the entire criminal operation.

When Vijay has almost found Teja as the culprit, Teja with his money and influence get Vijay suspended. The bold and angry Vijay vows to destroy Teja and his whole team. Next follows the revenge drama where Vijay takes the help of Sher Khan (Sri Hari) and an honest crime reporter named Jay Dev (Tanikella Bharani) to bring Teja down.


Ram Charan Teja fits the role perfectly. He has delivered a power-packed performance as a cop and he perfectly fits the character of ACP Vijay Khanna. But at times, his screen presence is over-shadowed by the supporting cast. This movie will be a pretty good debut vehicle for Charan’s Bollywood career.

Priyanka Chopra is making debut in Tollywood with Toofan. She looks gorgeous and she is the comic relief in this fast-paced actioner. Her chemistry with Ram Charan is good.

Prakash Raj has played the role of mafia don Teja along with Mahie Gill, who appears as Mona. Their conversations are filled with ‘double meaning’ dialogues that might work with B and C centre people.

Apoorva Lakhia has succeeded in maintaining good pace throughout the film. But, he should have packed in little more humour and entertainment into the story. Moreover, the director has given a strong Bollywood flavour to the film.


Toofan stays in the middle road of classy and cheesy. The first half is bit slow and the second half picks up momentum. With Ram Charan in lead role, the movie will surely offer a good treat for Telugu audience.