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Rupee fall curbs Bollywood foreign location shoot

Mumbai, Sep 4 () Bollywood has been hit by Rupee fall . It has curbed Bollywood from going to locations where payments are made in dollars says a report from Assocham. This year so far there is a decline of 35% of film units travelling abroad compared to last year. Phuket, Dubai, Bali and Sri Lanka or Goa , Kashmir and Kerala in India are the options.

The survey says that around 30% increase is seen in travel and hotel room rents for the past four months. With the rupee fall the producers and directors are having a rethink of the earlier locations abroad. Most of them are shifting the backdrop to domestic tourist spots.

Recent Bollywood films which were shot to a great extent was Ek Main Aur Tu at USA, Don 2 in Germany, RA One in UK, Rock star in the Czech Republic and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Spain.

In 2012 the domestic locations saw a drop of 20% and shootings abroad increased by 40%. With rupee fall the trend has reversed with a 35% increase in domestic location shootings and a 30% drop in foreign locations. The survey deals with the impact of a rupee fall on Bollywood film makers appetite for foreign locations.

For foreign locations the countries preferred are South Africa, Middle East and South east Asia. USA , UK and France followed by Sweden , Ireland, Italy and Denmark in Europe has become out of bounds due to high costs Those who shoot here are going in for short stay packages.

Earlier many Bollywood films especially those from the Yash Raj banner had the entire film shot abroad. This caught on as the costs were cheaper and the countries caught in the US slowdown and euro crisis offered good packages.

Some countries even financed a part of the shooting in their country as it brought into work and promoted tourism in India through Bollywood. Often this worked well for both sides. Now that euro has recovered and US is looking towards ending the slowdown, India is at a disadvantage.