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Gowthaman to direct LTTE Prabhakaran’s biopic, a counter to Madras Café?

Chennai, Sep 1 (): Director Gowthaman of film Magizhchi (2010) and TV series like ‘Auto Shankar’ and  ’Santhana Kaadu’ fame plans directing a biopic on LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Gowthaman in a video interview said he has been doing intensive research on the Sri Lankan civil war for the past ten years. He said he was more focussed and convinced about making  a biopic on Prabhakaran. He is of the view that after Raja Raja Chozhan, Prabhakaran was the only hero to display valour of a Tamil. He said he was happy to learn that LTTE chief had watched his directorial ‘Santhana Kaadu’ amidst the heat of war. He further said he was indeed overwhelmed to learn about Prabhakaran’s desire to make a film on Eelam war in 2008 itself. Before filming plans were firmed up, Eelam War IV intensified and they could not proceed further.

Gowthaman said the biopic will feature some top actors and technicians from Kollywood. An ethnic Tamil will be cast as the male lead of the movie.

The biopic is planned to be made on a bigger scale on par with English films like Brave Heart. It would also be translated in various languages of the world apart from Indian languages, Gowthaman said.

He also remarked that the film will bring out the truth behind the last-minute decision taken by LTTE chief  at Mullivaikkal when the Sinhalese army rounded up with arms.

The biopic on Prabhakaran will be based on Pazha Nedumaran’s book, ’Prabhakaran,Thamizhar Ezhuchiyin Vadivam’ which Gowthaman said moved him a lot and also angered him to know the sad plight of Tamils.

Pazha Nedumaran in a video-taped interview has stated that he  was a person who clearly understood the goal of Prabhakaran and whom he knew for more than thirty years. Nedumaran said his book on Prabhakaran is based on many real life anecdotes from LTTE supremo’s life, hand-written records, information gathered from his parents, other close family members, Prabhakaran’s childhood friends and his close commandants in LTTE Army.

Pazha Nedumaran also said he felt happy about Gowthaman’s directorial venture and  he solicited the support from each and every Tamilian in the world.

One has to wait and watch if Gowthaman’s biopic on Prabhakaran will be a counter to the recently-released John Abraham-starrer Madras Cafe that was claimed to show LTTE as terrorists and which was banned in Tamil Nadu over its controversial ‘anti-Tamil’ content,as claimed by pro-Tamil outfits and activists in the state.