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International Conference on Purananuru co-hosted by FeTNA and Washington Tamil Sangam opens on Aug 31

Aug 31 (): The International Conference on Purananuru (ICP), a two-day literary event co-hosted by FeTNA and Washington Tamil Sangam opens on a grand note on August 31, Saturday at Maryland.

Tamil enthusiasts and experts from different states of America, and India and Canada among many other nations are expected to attend the literary event on Purananuru.

The event will see a variety of events and activities based on Purananuru like dances choreographed to Purananuru songs, recitals, quizzes, lectures, dance-drama, cultural competitions, Purananuru  audio release and many other interactive events to tickle the literary senses of Tamils.

The ICP will be inaugurated by FeTNA President Dr. Dandapani Kuppusamy. The keynote speakers at ICP would include  Prof.P Maruthanayagam, Prof T Murugarathnam, Poet Arivumathi, Prof Arivunambi, Poet Ilanthai Ramasami, Mrs.Vaitheki  Herbert and Chairperson Dr R.Prabhakaran among many others.

The event will come to a close on September 1 around 9 pm with the enticing dance-drama ‘Sivakamiyin Sabatham’ staged by Madurai Muralidaran.

ICP Venue

Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center

7995,George Avenue

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.

To see the exhaustive program schedule, patrons may visit this link at http://www.classicaltamil.org/program_schedule.html#

To learn other event information,you may visit: http://www.classicaltamil.org/#/

International Conference on Purananuru –  a grandiose event to catch up with Tamil classics!