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Shah Rukh Khan celebrates dahi handi on Janmashtami

Mumbai, Aug 29 (): Dahi Handi is a sport organised on Krishna Janmashtami to celebrate the birth of Krishna. It is very popular in Mumbai and surrounding area of Thane.

Reports say Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan, who is riding on the success of his latest outing Chennai Express has agreed to join in Dahi Handi, a part of the Janmashtami celebrations, which will be held today at Jambori Maidan, Worli.

This special event in the Janmashtami celebrations is expected to be attended by lakhs of people from all over the state. The annual event Worli Chi Dahi Handi is organised by Sachin and Sangeeta Ahir of Shree Sankalp Pratisthan Charitable Trust.

Sangeetha said in the past they have had many celebrities attending their dahi handi, but this time they wanted the ultimate Bollywood Badshah.

She continued that they were little worried while approaching him, but they were really surprised when he agreed immediately. He knew all about our dahi handi and also about the huge presence of aam janta that will be there for the celebrations.

In fact, Shah Rukh had told them that he had been curious to see some of the Govindas as he had kept hearing about these events or watching it on TV every year.

The organisers are planning to welcome Shah Rukh Khan in true Maharashtrian style by blowing a tutari. Sangeeta also has suggested that they would also try and make him wear a pheta (turban) and give him a sword.

In the Dahi Handi event, Govinda players gather together under Dahi Handi to make a human pyramid to catch and then break an earthen pot hung high in the air with the help of a rope. The players, who participate in Dahi Handi are known as Govindas or Bal Gopals. This game is very famously played in the North Indian states like Maharashtra and Gujarat. Nowadays, Dahi Handi has become a major ceremony in almost every state in India.

The game is based on the traditional stories about Krishna stealing makhan (butter) or dahi (curd) from handis.