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Rajapakse slams visiting ‘anti-Lankan catspaw’ UN officials probing war crimes

Islamabad, Aug. 29 (ANI): Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse has criticised the UN Human Rights Council, as its top official toured the nation to probe alleged war crimes.

Rajapakse, who is on a trip to Belarus, told his counterpart Alexander Lukashenko that both nations are being targeted unfairly by the UNHRC, whose chief Navi Pillay is visiting Sri Lanka.

Pillay visited a village in northern Sri Lanka, on a fact-finding mission, where hundreds of civilians are alleged to have died.

A headline in the Sri Lankan state-run Daily News branded the UNHRC an ‘anti-Lankan catspaw,’ the Daily Times reports.

The paper said that Rajapakse has condemned the practice of certain countries for using the UN Human Rights Council against countries such as Sri Lanka and Belarus.

According to the report, both Sri Lanka and Belarus face a US-led censure resolution at the UNHRC and both have been asked to cooperate with investigators.

They are accused of letting off rights violators and intimidating political opponents. (ANI)