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Actress Loveleen Kaur assaulted by three men in Mumbai streets

Mumbai, Aug 29 (): TV actress Loveleen Kaur, who has worked in Ekta Kapoor’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain as the second wife of Saakshi Taanwar’s brother was assaulted on Tuesday by three men in the middle of the road, with the crowd standing around her watching the same.

Shocked Loveleen Kaur detailed the incident. She was travelling in an auto-rickshaw with her friend Mimin. The actress was seated on the right-hand side. The auto stopped at a junction in Oshiwara owing to red light.

Suddenly, Kaur felt somebody snatching her purse and her new phone. She started yelling ‘chor…chor’ and jumped from the rickshaw and chased him.

At some distance, Kaur caught the snatcher with his shirt collar and tried to get her purse back and her friend was helping her and suddenly 2-3 men joined the snatcher and started hitting them. Kaur said that the crowd that had gathered around was merely watching them struggle, but nobody had helped them. The men continued to assault them until the nearby police heard the cries of a woman.

Loveleen continued that seeing the crowd, the traffic jam and the cries of the women, few cops landed at the spot and caught both the snatchers. The third guy who was helping the snatcher, disappeared with the crowd. Luckily, filmmaker Ashok Pundit Ji was present there. He helped them to go to police station and after filing a FIR, he also took them to Cooper hospital.

Loveleen has suffered some minor injuries after this incident.

Crime against women seems to have reached a new high in Mumbai. This comes after just a few days after the horrific gang-rape of a photojournalist, near Shakti Mills. The incidents show that the financial capital of the country, considered as one of the safest cities for women is quickly fading in its nature.