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Soon, sprayable coffee to give caffeine junkies their daily fix

New York, Aug 23 (ANI): A Harvard researcher has developed a spray that will give you your much needed caffeine fix without having to drink it.

Harvard undergraduate Ben Yu and Venture Capitalist Deven Soni are betting that their new product, Sprayable Energy, will give coffee and energy drinks a run for their money as the world’s stimulant of choice.

The concept is refreshingly simple. Sprayable Energy consists of water, caffeine and an amino acid that helps the body absorb it.

Four sprays of the odorless solution on a person’s neck or wrists will provide roughly the same caffeine as a small cup of coffee, but because the product is absorbed through the skin, it comes with less of a jolt and fewer lingering jitters than your average Starbucks coffee or Monster energy drink.

Soni told the New York Daily News that their goal is not for people to feel like they’ve had that big caffeine rush, but to make them feel more awake.

Soni, 33, and Yu, 21, are hoping to have their product for sale in stores by the end of the year. (ANI)