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Google’s Android bug tweaked tactics to maximize profits in Q2: McAfee

Washington, Aug. 22 (ANI): Google’s Android OS malware reportedly grew 35 percent in the second quarter which allowed hackers to attack the systems and tweak tactics in order to maximize profits in the second quarter.

According to Intel’s McAfee, the bug grew at a fastest pace since early 2012 and hackers used malicious apps and SMS stealing to exploit the systems.

McAfee’s senior vice president Vincent Weafer said that as mobile ransomware has increased in the second quarter, with more than 5.5 trillion spam messages being sent representing roughly 70 percent of total global email volume, the cybercrime is becoming more defined as cybergangs determine which tactics are most effective and profitable.

He further said that just like other areas of cybercrime, the profit motive of hacking bank accounts has eclipsed the technical challenges of bypassing digital trust.

The report said that the hackers primarily used SMS-stealing banking malware, fraudulent dating and entertainment apps, legitimate apps laced with malicious weaponry and malicious apps posing as useful tools.

McAfee added that such a use of multiple methods is a ‘creative combination of disruption, distraction and destruction to veil advanced targeted attacks’. (ANI)