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Tides turn in favour of actor-director Cheran, daughter Damini decides to go back to her parents

Chennai, Aug 21 () : Actor-director Cheran who was going through an emotional turmoil in his personal life has tides turned in his favour, much to the relief of his family, including himself.

Cheran’s daughter Damini was caught up in a controversy early this month when she accused her father of intimidating her boyfriend Chandru by hired goons. She sought Police intervention after which she was directed by the Madras High Court to stay in the residence of her school headmistress till the case came up for hearing. The court hearing was scheduled today.

According to reports, Damini has had a change of mind and has decided to leave her boyfriend Chandru and his family and  wanted to unite back with her father. Damini is said to be facing opposition from Chandru’s mother and not in good terms with her boyfriend’s family.

Earlier,Cheran had been opposing to his daughter’s relationship with Chandu claiming that Chandru, a reality TV show dancer is of questionable character and he was also having some police complaints registered against him. An emotional and teary-eyed Cheran accompanied by director Ameer revealed to media  that his daughter Damini is quite naïve and is not mature enough to understand life.

The final judgement is awaited after which it will be known whether Damini would move back to her parents’ home. Reports say that it could  be a mighty good respite for Cheran who might have the case turned in his favour.