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Saudi woman walks out on husband for comparing her dowry to car loan

Dubai, Aug. 20 (ANI): A Saudi woman, angered by her husband’s remarks of expecting financial returns out of her while comparing her to a car, has reportedly walked out of his house and took their children back to her parent’s place.

The Gulf News reports that the husband had told his wife that he had taken a bank loan before their marriage to buy the car and to pay for her dowry. But while he expected returns, if he ever wanted to get rid of the car, he did not anticipate the same in case he wanted to get rid of her anytime.

Saudis have criticized the wife’s overreaction without thinking about the impact on their children’s lives.

Others, however, insisted that the husband should have been more considerate.

Reports say that attempts are being made to bring about a reconciliation between the couple. (ANI)