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Nawaz Sharif says resolution of Kashmir issue is responsibility of both India and Pakistan

Islamabad, Aug. 19 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday, in statement, said that the leadership of both countries must take responsibility to resolve the Kashmir issue, and added that he has constantly maintained that it is pivotal that good relations are maintained with India.

According to Geo TV reports, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that Kashmir is a national issue and a solution on it needs to be arrived upon by both India and Pakistan.

“Kashmir is a national issue. Wars of the past have ruined our leadership and it is the responsibility of the leadership of both Pakistan and India. Stability and prosperity of a nation is linked to good relations with its neighbours,” Sharif said.

“I have always stressed the importance of good relations with India,” Sharif added.

The tension between India and Pakistan has been high in recent weeks, after the Pakistani Army ambushed six Indian soldiers on August 6 in Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir.

Additionally, there have been multiple ceasefire by Pakistan along the Line of Control (LoC) that have strained relations between the two countries.

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was scheduled to meet his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in New York in September, but the several incidents along the LoC have cast doubts over the talks going forward.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid on Saturday said recurring ceasefire violations by Pakistan needed to be addressed first before New Delhi could consider the possibility of holding talks with Islamabad.

“The situation today is not such that I would be discussing the issues about talks. We have to first address the issue which is more urgent and that issue is of violations of ceasefire and we are concentrating entirely on that,” Khurshid said on August 17 from Dehradun. (ANI)