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GSLV-D5 rocket launch called off due to leak

Sriharikota, Aug. 19 (ANI): The launch of geo-stationary vehicle GSLV-D5 was temporarily called off on Monday due to leakage in the vehicle’s fuel system.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman K. Radhakrishnan confirmed the news, saying that a fuel leak was noticed in the second stage of the vehicle.

He said the next launch date would be announced after the vehicle’s assessment is complete.

“We observed the leakage in the fuel system of the second stage of the vehicle, and because of this, we are calling off the launch. Our teams have been put on action to drain out the liquid propellants from the second stage, and then, we will make an assessment of the cause of the leak and actions we need to take before further preparations for the launch. We will announce the new date after the assessment is over,” he told media here today.

Earlier, the launch of the GSLV-D5 rocket carrying telecommunication satellite GSAT-14 was expected to lift off from Sriharikota, 100km north of Chennai at 4:50 pm on Monday.

According to reports, the vehicle is powered by indigenous cryogenic upper stage engine and India needs cryogenic engines for GSLVs for carrying heavy payloads of up to five tonnes which are crucial for future telecommunication and space exploration. (ANI)