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Teenage girl arrested in UK for brutal attack on 80-yr-old Sikh man

London, Aug 18 (): A teen-aged British girl has been arrested for attacking an 80-year-old Sikh man after a video of the incident went viral online.

In a shocking attack, the teenager girl kicked and punched the 80-year-old in front of the passers-by before pushing him to the ground and knocking off his turban. The old man’s turban fell off the ground and the attack left him with a black eye and bloodied nose, British media reports said.

The attacker verbally abused the old man, the youths surrounding them looked on and did nothing. A man eventually stepped in to help the victim only after the attacker and her gang were walking away.

The attack, apparently meaningless, happened near a bus station in Coventry’s Trinity Street at around 8.30 PM on August 10. One of the passer-by recorded the incident and shared the clippings on Facebook, which went viral online and on seeing this police acted upon. The video has prompted an angry response on Facebook and Twitter with many calling on the girl to hand herself in.

The girl was arrested on Friday after police traced her to an address in Gloucester. The police said that she would be questioned about the attack. Police are considering the attack as “serious malicious wounding”, which is punishable with up to five years in prison.

Ch Sup Andy Nicholson said that the attack was a sickening, despicable, violent attack on an elderly man in broad daylight. Police has also issued a series of still images showing the attack in the hope that observers will contact them.

West Midlands Police said the teenager was Coral Millerchip and she was from Attoxhall Road in Wyken. She has been charged with one count of assault and has been remanded in custody. The unemployed teenager is due to appear at Coventry Magistrates’ Court on Monday.