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Vijay in neck-deep problems for Thalaivaa release

Chennai, Aug 16 (): Actor Vijay already bogged down with the stalling of release of his film Thalaivaa in Tamil Nadu appears to be awash with problems not in singles but in battalions.

Thalaivaa released in southern states of India and overseas markets on August 9 has not yet been released in Tamil Nadu, much to the agony and frustration of Vijay, makers of the movie and his fans. The offset of non-release is loss of money running to crores for the makers of the movie and other stakeholders involved.

Though the movie is said to be raking good business in other parts, its release in Tamil Nadu is yet to see light. The movie was not released in Tamil Nadu due to multiple reasons reported by different sections of media.

Thalaivaa was said to be portraying father and grandfather of a person  from Tirunelveli (who lived in Mumbai) in bad light, for which the court ordered notice to film producer and director, based on a civil suit filed in the civil court in the city.

The film was also said to be having some sensitive political content. However, Vijay had clarified saying that it has no sensitive political connotations to it and is a healthy and a complete family entertainer.

Director Vijay too had clarified recently saying that the character played by Sathyaraj in the film as ‘anna’ was not based on any real life character and it had no political undertone. He further said that they had named Sathyaraj ‘anna’ as that was how most Tamilians in Mumbai are called.

Then came a bomb. Just two days prior to its release, theatre owners were reportedly believed to have said they had to stop release of Thalaivaa in their screens, following threat letters received by them from little-known student outfit, intimidating them of bombing the theatres, if they release as scheduled.The release of Thalaivaa was then stalled.

Reports on August 10 said the makers faced yet another blow when the Commercial Taxes Department Review Committee denied exemption of entertainment tax for the movie, due to excessive violence and use of Hindi/English words in the film, which meant a dent in the overall profits.

Then came disturbing reports of Thalaivaa release online and selling of pirated DVDs in some districts of Tamil Nadu. Post this news, a vividly disturbed Vijay  made an emotional appeal to the  people in a video statement requesting them to refrain from watching pirated copies. However,this was said to be brought under check by Police and Vijay’s fans.

Two days back,Thalaivaa faced yet another roadblock when theatre owners out of the blue opted to screen the movie on a profit-sharing basis and not on Minimum Guarantee (MG) basis as earlier planned.

Recent reports say that Chandra Prakash Jain, producer of Thalaivaa has made an earnest and humble appeal to Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa, seeking her intervention in the release of the film in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Unconfirmed reports say Thalaivaa could be released this weekend. Reports also say Vijay has sought an appointment with Jayalalithaa. Fresh reports coming in say that actor Vijay might even go on fast, requesting early release of his movie in his home state.