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US brewery launches ‘curry leaf’ flavoured beer

New York, Aug 16 (ANI): A nano-brewery in Long Island City is all set to unveil a new Lemongrass Tumeric White Lager and a Curry Leaf Lapsang Smoked Beer at a tasting event .

Big Alice Brewery is already known for using unusual ingredients like purple potatoes, morels, kumquats and honey in its concoctions, the New York Daily News reported.

Robby Crafton, 31, who is the mastermind behind the unexpected flavour combinations such as the morel and chocolate bisque, told the publication that he likes the mix of artistry and science, and wants to widen what beer can be.

Crafton founded the brewery with fellow homebrewer Kyle Hurst, 39, using just 35,000 dollars and sold the beverages in wine bottles.

Meanwhile, Ben Sandler, co-owner of the Queens Kickshaw, said that he is a fan of the brewery because it attempts to preserve the flavours of a season through beer. (ANI)