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Modi launches fiery attack on Manmohan Singh

New Delhi, Aug 16 (): Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s election campaign committee Chief Narendra Modi launched a fiery attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday challenging the PM to debate on governance claiming that the nation is anxious for a change.

The Gujarat chief minister criticized the Prime Minister for the country’s delicate position in response to confusion and uproar created by Pakistan and China. He further attacked Mr Singh on the government’s devastating policies ranging from corruption to food security bill.

Responding to a speech of President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday evening, Modi said that the President has been saying patience has limits, but what is the limit, where is the patience?.

Claiming the national security is under threat, Modi expressed concern over Chinese intruders entering the land and the government remaining mute. On one side Pakistanis behead our soldiers and on the other side Italian soldiers come and kill our fishermen and the government seems to be a silent spectator, observed Narendra Modi.

Disapproving Singh on several issues, the Gujarat Chief Minister said the “nation is looking forward for a change”. Modi in an ear-splitting message to the ruling Congress claimed through his message that ‘Power is meant to deliver governance and good organization in the system, said BJP party cadres.

Deriding Dr Singh for not taking curative steps to correct the economic mess of the country, Modi said that instead of taking appropriate measures the government has been putting the blame on the global recession saying that India cannot be left untouched by global collapse.

Meanwhile, Modi’s direct attack on the Prime Minister on Independence Day also left some BJP leaders in a state of confusion. This approach of Modi was   opposed by senior leaders in the BJP including L k Advani.

A news channel quoted Advani saying that it was Independence Day yesterday, and without criticizing each other people should be aware on this day that the country has unlimited possibilities.