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Formula for how to get lucky revealed

London, August 16 (ANI): If things in your professional life are not working out for you and you are looking for a magic lamp to make your wishes come true, then stop dreaming and read this one!

Stef Lewandowski, the co-founder of the site makeshift.io, has given some ways you can improve your luck on your own.

Lewandowski revealed that the first step towards making your own success story is to just turn up at events, instead of thinking of it as a hassle.

He asserted that it is important to put yourself in the right place, where there’s a higher density of people doing the thing you want to do, and step away from the desk occasionally to talk to people.

Lewandowski insisted that you should always say “yes and..”, to suggestions instead of “yes but..”, and keep your eyes open for possible opportunities.

He also advised on being active on social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter, and helping others find their serendipities. (ANI)