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More than 100,000 people buy one-way ticket to Mars

Washington, Aug 15 (): The Mars One project by NASA which aims to colonize Mars beginning in 2022 has reportedly revealed that more than 100,000 people have applied for a one-way trip to the red planet but they do not want to come back.

Despite financial and technical questions, over 100,000 people from 100 different states filed in their applications since April to live in Mars in 2023. Mars One said Chinese and Americans made up the majority among the applicants. There were also 11 Turkish citizens aged 19 to 34 among the applicants to reside in the Red Planet.

Out of the applicants, 40 people will be selected. Out of the selected 40, just four will participate in the first passage to Mars, which is scheduled to leave in September 2022 and land seven months later in April 2023.

None of the four will ever return to Earth. The project hopes to send a second group of four people to Mars a few years after the first. None of them will return to Earth.

On applying for the Mars One project, candidates were asked to prepare a one minute video, in which the applicants had to introduce themselves. Including the introductory video, they were asked to pay an application fee varying between 5-73 dollars according to the GNP of the country they live in.

Mars One will select 40 candidates at the end of the two-year-long elimination process that will be broadcast live as a reality show. Those who wish to elect future residents of Mars, will be able to cast a vote.

In between will be eight years of training for 40 finalists, who will learn how to grow vegetables, handle medical issues such as dental upkeep, muscle tears and bone fractures and other things that are needed for survival. All of this will be part of a global reality television show that will help fund the project.