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Google Search goes personalized

Washington, Aug. 15 (ANI): Search engine giant Google goes more personalized with straight answers to questions regarding a user’s flight or courier status.

According to ABC News, once a user types questions like ‘what is my flight status’ right in the search box, the site will now show personalized answers at the top of the page.

Google’s Roya Soleimani said that this feature will help people get quick answers for things they are looking for across their own stuff rather than dig through their email or calendar.

The service, which begins rolling out today in the US and take two to three days to reach all American users, will work for flight and hotel reservations and purchases by scanning through a user’s inbox and can also give results for questions about the calendar like what are the plans for tomorrow based on pre-fed data.

The users can either type the question in the browser or can ask aloud using Google’s voice search functionality and the results will also specify the source of the information.

The report added that those concerned about privacy or simply do not wish to use the feature can disable it from the Google settings menu. (ANI)