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‘Drunk’ David Arquette gets dumped from new flick

Washington, August 15 (ANI): David Arquette has reportedly been dumped from his upcoming film project ‘Something About Her’ for being drunk on the set.

A source revealed to Radar Online that the director had no other choice but to sack him as everyone in the set was disappointed and irritated by the 41-year-old actor.

The insider said that Arquette wasn’t prepared that day and later on it was realised that he had shown up in an inebriated condition.

However, Carl Colpaert the director of the flick insisted that Arquette left the project simply because Anthony Michael Hall was better suited for the role and later replaced him in the flick.

Colpaert claimed that the ‘Scream’ actor was never drunk on the set and he had no concerns about the actor’s preparedness for the role and was only removed due to creative differences. (ANI)