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Astronauts may eat home-cooked ‘sushi and borscht’ on Mars

Washington, August 15 (ANI): A 1-million-dollar NASA-funded experiment to assess what Earthlings might eat if they were to plant a colony on Mars has found that the successful meals that could be cooked there were Russian borscht, Moroccan tagine, enchilasagna, sushi and seafood chowder.

According to Csmonitor.com, the research mission is nearing completion, as six astronauts prepare to come back down to ground level from the slope of a Hawaiian volcano after spending four months there.

The crew members spent months in a geodesic-dome “habitat” on the Mauna Loa volcano, venturing forth onto the barren lava field only in space suits.

The primary purpose of the mission- funded by NASA’s Human Research Program, the University of Hawaii and Cornell University- is to analyze the difference between pre-packaged astronaut food and “home” cooking. (ANI)