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OUATIMD and Chennai Express clash for screen allocation on 15th August

Mumbai, Aug 14 (): Akshay Kumar starrer OUATIMD – Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara! releases on August 15th, the time when Shahrukh Khan starrer Chennai Express is storming the box office.

Exhibitors said they are trying to strike a good balance so that both the films, OUATIMD and Chennai Express get enough screen space during the Independence Day holiday.

Chennai Express received good figures in the box office on the first three days of release. The film had the widest-ever release in more than 4,000 screens worldwide, and the increase in ticket prices in India has helped the film to cash in big numbers at the box office. Then, the movie registered a significant drop on Monday and Tuesday.

As per reports on August 13, OUATIMD will get at least 1600-1700 screens (minimum) for 15th August release. The report also stated the exhibitors will decide before August 14 about the exact percentage of screen allocation of OUATIMD and Chennai Express (CE) for 15th August.

According to them, if CE again shows a drop in collections on August 14, then many exhibitors will allocate big screens for OUATIMD for 15th August. If CE sustains well, then it might retain good percentage of screens for 15th August.

So far, the scenario is now tilted a bit towards makers of OUATIMD as Chennai Express has registered a drop on Monday and Tuesday.

Another report says OUATIMD is not getting more than 2000 screens on 15th August. From Friday August 16, screening of OUATIMD might increase up to 2500.

A screen size of 1600-2000 for 15th August is not a bad number. If the film gets 90-100% occupancy in the allotted screens,it still might collect a figure in excess of 15 crore nett on the opening day.

Another problem for OUATIMD is the running time of the movie is around 2 hrs 40 minutes. Long length movie will get lesser screens, than a normal shorter length film.