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Signs when `emotional affairs` tend to tip towards ‘extramarital’ ones revealed

Washington, August 13 (ANI): Are you sharing too much of your personal life and confessing your family-related problems to somebody other than your better half?

Well, you could be having one of those ‘emotional affairs’ that start out innocently as friendships, but quickly turn into extra martial affairs, the Huffington Post reported.

According to YourTango.com, the first thing one should look for, while determining if your friendship has crossed the line, is to see if you are sharing frustrations about your marriage or relationship.

The lifestyle website also asserts that if you are trying to create a unique intimacy with another person and cutting out your partner at home, then that could be a sign of an emotional affair.

Moreover, if are having an emotional affair, you are watching to see how far you can take the sexy banter with that person, and you may be more emotionally involved with them at this point than with your spouse.

If you find yourself anxiously waiting or responding immediately to texts and phone calls from the concerned person, then you should probably be on high alert, as well. (ANI)