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Excess of Facebook selfies could ruin relationships

New York, August 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that sharing too many selfies on social networking sites like Facebook, could potentially be harmful to your closest relationships.

The UK research found that people who post photos too frequently on social networks, run the risk of alienating friends, family members and colleagues, leading to less supportive bonds, the New York Daily News reported.

Lead researcher Dr. David Houghton said in a statement that selfies, or self-portraits, seem to be some of the most irksome images.

Houghton asserted that people, other than very close friends and relatives, don’t seem to relate well to those who constantly share photos of themselves.

The study found that people felt less supported by relationship partners, who shared more photos of friends and events than of the family.

The study also suggested that posting more photos of yourself posing with friends instead of your significant other could damage that relationship. (ANI)