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More Jobs in one year

Mumbai, Aug 12 () : Job market will improve, feels 58% of the employers and 6% say that there could be reduction in staff.

Michael Page conducted a survey. The topic was ‘India Salary and Employment Forecast 2013/14′ . As per the survey, in coming one year the hiring will increase says 58% and 36 % feels the hiring will be flat and 6% felt that companies will reduce staff. The reason being that MNCs are still not happy with industrial environment of Europe and US.

Availability of work force easily and at reasonable rates and the logistic advantage of India are the reasons. The reports say that the jobs will be mostly in the MNCs. The jobs will be in the middle level cadre in the management. Those with specialized skills and in the junior and graduate levels will be hired.

The MNCs will retain top performers and FDI in retail, healthcare and services will see increase with relaxation of investment from abroad. Contrary to the survey report, the auto industry has already asked contract workers to go on leave as many Indian car-makers have put in one week no production days. The IT sector has limited the recruitment since the US bill on immigration that will determine on whether it can deploy workforce from India on assignment basis. The hospitality sector is witnessing a slowdown. With room occupancy on the downside ,hiring too has come to a halt.