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Vijay issues condolence message to a fan who killed himself over Thalaivaa release issue

Chennai, Aug 11 (): Vijay has issued a condolence message for a young fan of him who killed himself Saturday over issues surrounding release of Thalaivaa.

Vishnukumar, Vijay’s fan  hailing from Thudiyalur of Coimbatore district was disturbed  for the fact that he could not watch his favourite hero’s movie Thalaivaa in Tamil Nadu. Depressed over the issue, he killed himself.

Vijay in his condolence message said:

“I am deeply saddened by the death of my fan, Vishnukumar. I am unable to find words to console the family who has lost his dear member. I consider each fan in Tamil Nadu as my brother. I love each one of you. Similarly, if the love you have  for me is true, I  request everyone to maintain calm and not indulge in such acts.”

Thalaivaa could not be released in Tamil Nadu for various reasons which are still vague and unclear, though it saw its release worldwide and also in neighbouring states- Kerala and Karnataka. Failure to get entertainment tax exemption for Thalaivaa which would mean heavy losses for the makers and secret threat letters received by cinema theatres not to release the movie were cited as reasons for not releasing the movie in Tamil Nadu as scheduled earlier.

Meantime, the deadlock over the release of Thalaivaa continues upping the woes of his fans. The much –anticipated  Vijay’s Thalaivaa is still awaiting green signal for its release in home town- Tamil Nadu. The makers of the movie also have not been able to make any strong commitments over its release date in the State yet, though they say the film will be released at the earliest possible.