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Vijay in Thala Thalaivaa Thalaivi syndrome

In Tamil Nadu, people have a habit of chasing a mirage. They are always charged with Maya without knowing any philosophy.

A competition among screen actors and politicians is the most interesting time pass for Tamils. Is that time pass or life pass? They waste their time ignoring fruitful efforts and fail in their lives later.

They themselves pit one personality or celebrity against another and encourage a discussion as if they are watching a horse race.

MGR Vs Sivaji, Karunanidhi Vs MGR, Kamal Hassan Vs Rajinikanth, Karunanidhi Vs Jayalalithaa, Rajinikanth Vs Jayalalithaa, Ajith Vs Vijay… Now, it is the turn of Jayalalithaa Vs Vijay.

Is it a drama or a publicity stunt? It is reported that many stunt scenes have been cut in Thalaivaa to get a’U’ certificate.

Vijay and his father promoted themselves by involving in the last election campaign. The political ambitions of any actor would be watched by all the politicians in Tamil Nadu. The actors in Tamil Nadu influence the immature voters. Therefore, actor Vijay cannot hide his real intention of promoting himself as a leader.

Earlier, the media promoted actor Vijayakanth to form a political party with one intention of dividing Tamil electorate with linguistic minority affiliation. Ultimately that created a dent in the vote bank of AIADMK which party boasts of film watchers largely. This was tackled tactically by AIADMK supremo by forging a calculated alliance. After such use, Vijayakanth of DMDK was thrown like curry leaf.

Now, evolution of another actor Vijay as a political leader shall be watched carefully. The established political parties shall ensure that Vijay should not get any popular following among electorates.

It is said that many punch dialogues in Thalaivaa are in favour of promoting Vijay and critical on the policies of the Government. This is enough for any ruling party to impose some indirect restrictions on the growth of a young leader.

Grooming young leaders is not a habit of political parties in Tamil nadu. The tall leaders in TN fear that growth of intellectuals or talented leaders within the party shall be challenging to their power. The senior leaders wish they should be leaders lifelong. This results in ignorance of new ideas from young minds. This itself is a stumbling block in the growth of the country.

No wonder Vijay is getting this kind of treatment. Previously, Vijay was pitted against MK Stalin of DMK in a row of petty pet names.

If Vijay really wishes to be a leader, he should oppose the establishment on the ground, and not in the screen. If he means business in film industry, he should shun his political ambitions. Vijay is not like Rajinikanth. The times are changing.

Let Vijay launch his own political party and contest in the elections instead of calling himself Thalaivaa in a film title. Let him declare his policies in media. Instead if he waits for retirement at that time there will be many more youth leaders to challenge him.