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Pakistan Army Uniform in Balochistan and Kashmir

On August 6, Al Jazeera reported that in Pakistan 14 people were killed by Balochistan separatists. It happened at Mach of Bolan district, 70km from Quetta, capital of Balochistan province.

According to this report, gunmen were dressed in Pakistan Army Uniform. But, those killed include three security force personnel. They were travelling in vehicles and were stopped at fake check point and gunned down.

Balochistan is a region in the west of Pakistan where the people are struggling to get independence from the Pakistan state.

On the same day it was also reported that five Indian soldiers were killed along the line of actual control in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. This happened on the eastern side of Pakistan.

Initially Indian defence Minster AK Antony narrated that the attack on Indian soldiers was carried out by heavily armed terrorists wearing Pakistan Army Uniform. The minster later retracted and alleged that specialist troops of Pakistan Army were involved in these killings.

Indian people particularly the Hindu Nationalist Party, BJP was annoyed about the statements of Indian Defence Minster.

Already nothing was done to punish those who beheaded Indian soldier and mutilated another along Indian border.

What is common in these incidents in Balochistan and Kashmir?

Pakistan Army Uniform. It is on sale for blame games. It is useful to create a version of a story. What happens really?

Who confirmed that attackers were wearing Pakistan army uniforms in Balochistan and Kashmir? Was any attacker captured?

No one knows the truth. Or, the truth is not revealed although it is known to the rulers of these countries.

There can be no other conclusion except accepting the reality that Pakistan Army Uniform is manufactured and sold freely in Pakistan from west to east.

All the efforts taken by Pakistan Nationalists to unite the country are wasted. Pakistan failed in retaining their original Eastern part and is trying to retaliate and revenge for this in Kashmir. But what about Balochistan?

Pakistan should give top priority to prevent the misuse of Pakistan Army Uniform. If innocent Indian Defence Minister can be carried away by such stories in the east the same technique is used against Pakistan in the west.