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Personal tragedy strikes actor-director Cheran

Chennai, Aug 8 (): Actor-director Cheran faces a tragedy that has struck his personal life in the form  of his second daughter Damini’s love life.

Cheran’s daughter Damini had filed a police complaint against her father claiming that her boyfriend Chandru was  harassed by goons hired by her father.

Cheran of ‘Autograph’ fame  was visibly heart-broken and disturbed. He has always played a soft hero in his films. Cheran  in a recent press meet told that he is going through a personal crisis and did not think about anything other than his daughter.

Cheran’s second daughter Damini has been in a relationship with Chandru, a reality TV show dancer. Two days back, in the Madras High Court, Damini had expressed her desire to stay with her ‘mother-in-law’.

Cheran’s claim is that Chandru  had cheated several women earlier. Chandru is also believed to have harassed Cheran’s elder daughter online.

Director Ameer has been giving support to Cheran and he had accompanied Cheran to  a press meet. Ameer said that Chandru has a questionable character who had a police complaint registered against him,which was however settled later.

Cheran added that his daughter is a mere twenty year old who did not understand anything.  He further said he is not using his power anywhere and just waiting for justice and all that he was fighting for is a good life for his daughter. He stated that he is not a hero like in any movie and that he like any normal father, cannot settle the issue overnight.

Cheran had thanked all those from the film fraternity who had called and spoken with him. He said their words and support are like ‘heart transplant to him.’

Meantime, Damini who said she did not wish to live with her parents has been directed by the Madras High Court to stay with the Headmistress of a city school till August 21 when the case is scheduled to come up for the next hearing.