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LG’s new G2 smartphone to have rear buttons for steady picture, volume control

London, Aug. 8 (ANI): South Korean mobile company LG is going to launch a new smartphone with its buttons on the rear of the handset in a bid to make user-friendly designs in larger mobiles.

LG’s new flagship model, G2 will feature rear keys that can be used to adjust volume, activate camera and note-taking software, BBC reports.

The smartphone has a 5.2 inches screen, 13 megapixel camera with image stabilization, and 24 bit/192kHz audio playback, powered by Android.

The firm said that the smartphone will address the problem of bigger mobiles which are harder to control.

However, analysts are not sure whether LG’s latest innovation will appeal to the market or not, the report added.

LG overtook Huawei to become the world’s third best-selling smartphone maker in the first three months of the year with the growing demand of its Nexus 4 and Optimus range.

Meanwhile, critics believe that the positioning of the navigation button would not be user-friendly for individuals with smaller hands. (ANI)