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Brand Ambassador Dhanush for Center Fresh-Dhoni for football

Mumbai, Aug 8 (): Brand ambassador Dhanush has been signed to promote Center Fresh, the confectionery product manufactured by Pereitti Van Melle.

Star Sports have taken on board MS Dhoni as brand ambassador for the upcoming season of English Club Football Cup. Saif Ali Khan joined Dhoni and Hrithik Roshan to promote Oxemberg clothing whose popular brand is Siyaram. Dhoni has signed 15 products and charges Rs 10 crore for an endorsement.

The chewing gum makers feel that Dhanush who is one film old in Hindi has been able to reach out to the rural and semi-urban youth with his debut film, Raanjhanaa. Center Fresh is promoted in major cities and basically in metros. The brand now plans to take Benares boy’s appeal to Tier 2 and 3 cities.

The Kolaveri Di song had already made Dhanush popular all over India even before the release of the Hindi film. The ads will appear on TV and digital media. The company with headquarters in Italy has Alpenlibe, Cholormint, Mentos and Happydent brands.

Star Sports to make the Barclays Premier Football League matches popular in India has created TV advts with MS Dhoni. Dhoni is shown watching the matches in an unknown place when everybody is looking for him. He asks viewers to join him. Star Sports says that Dhoni could popularize the sport in India. The channel has a Hindi commentary too.

Only Kerala and Bengal are crazy of football. Incidentally, Dhoni’s first love is football and he was the goalkeeper for his school team in Ranchi. His ambition was to join a major football club in India and then move on to English clubs. He dreamt of playing for the United Manchester League.

Oxemberg brand of clothing which has Dhoni and Hritik Roshan as brand ambassadors has signed Saif Ali Khan also. The star apart from other brands will feature in Siyaram suiting and J Hamstead.