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Cozier blames ‘militancy’ of West Indies player’s association for decimation of Caribbean cricket

Islamabad, Aug 7 (ANI): Ace commentator Tony Cozier has said that he fears for the future of the West Indies cricket team and said that good players were not being produced for a variety of reasons, including the ‘militancy’ of the player’s association, which called the top players to strike on two occasions.

In an interview with pakpassion.net, Cozier said that the player’s association problem had been quite disruptive and there was a lot of suspicion between the board and the players, which obviously harmed West Indies cricket.

The commentator also said that the standard of pitches and umpires were factors that had contributed towards the decline since these were countries, which were miniscule islands with very small economies.

Cozier said that because West Indies were not doing well for some time, the team was not attracting sponsors and the board was not getting the kind of money it needed to ensure that cricket development was pointed in the right direction. (ANI)