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Absence of new Apple iPad blamed for global slowdown in tablet shipments in Q2

Washington, Aug. 7 (ANI): Apple’s lack of creativity can cost its rivals a slowdown in the market. A new study has revealed that as the software giant has not introduced a new model of its trend-setting iPad, worldwide shipments of tablet computers has slowed down in Q2.

According to research firm IDC, shipments went down nearly 10 percent with a total of 45.1 million units and the firm’s director Tom Mainelli said that a new iPad launch always piques consumer interest in the tablet category thereby helping Apple and its competitors, Fox News reports.

Mainelli observed that since there are no new iPads, the market has slowed for many vendors.

The report said that Apple usually releases a new iPad in the spring, but the company has moved to fall launches as a result tablet shipment worldwide has been impacted.

Meanwhile, other companies are still launching their tablets in the spring despite a slowdown in the sales which Mainelli observed will boost once Apple launches something new in the fall holiday quarter.

Mainelli further said that Samsung is certainly gearing up to be Apple’s ‘biggest competitor’ in tablets but would require some time for it to catch up with the leader, the report added. (ANI)