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Dhammapada for Vigilant Mind

Aug 5 (): Imagine you are a man or woman living in a thatched house. If the roof is not well-thatched, a pouring rain shall wet you. You may have to shiver then. There will be no safe space for you even within your house.

Similarly, if you possess an unreflecting mind, when the suffering descends on you, you have to undergo the pain. The lust will break through unvigilant mind. The desires lead to suffering. The suffering is due to your unrestrained passion. Your weak mind cannot withstand the difficulties imposed on you. You are broken. You believe you are right and only others have spoiled you. You cry. You are left alone.

You must understand that the rain pours on all. It will not let a person to be dry who gets exposed to it. All the people experience difficulties. A weak-minded person shall not have the tolerance to withstand the pressures from the outside world. Particularly, a materialistic world tempts you to indulge in unnecessary desires.

But, if the roof of your house is well-thatched, the rain water shall run off the roof itself. You can enjoy the warmth of your own mind and feel well-protected when sufferings rain on you. You will reign on that rain.

How to possess such a hut which does not allow rain water? How to attain a well reflecting mind?

Desires cannot penetrate a disciplined mind. This has been explained in the preceding verses of Dhammapada. Your heart should be full of pure thought. You should eliminate hatred through love. You should allow moderated worldly pleasures through self-control, be truthful to yourself and others. Shun the falsehood.

Dhammapada verses 13, 14 of Chapter I reveals the benefit of a vigilant mind.

As rain breaks through an ill-thatched house
passion will break through an unreflecting mind.

As rain does not break through a well-thatched house
passion will not break through a well-reflecting mind.