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1 lakh foriegners in Indian IT: Nasscom

Bangalore, Aug 5 () : Nasscom data says that more than one lakh employees working in various offices of Indian IT companies across the globe are non-Indians. The workforce employed by India IT firms stands at three million. The increase in non-Indian workforce in software companies shows that it has got acceptability.

Som Mittal, President, Nasscom says IT sector which operates services in 35 languages and has offices in 75 countries set up 580 offshore development centers will need more workforce sourced from these countries to support the multilingual services business.

Two decades back, the Indian IT was present only in US and UK, from where it had 90% of the income and later on this perception of operating in English-speaking countries changed and today 25% of the income comes from non-English speaking nations.

More non-Indians applying for jobs in overseas operations of Indian IT firms is because these companies have now taken as real time competitors. Yet another reason is that immigration laws in the US and UK make it tough to get a work visa for Indians to work abroad on an assignment basis.

Indian firms are now faced with the urgent need to employ more people in other geographies and no sooner they will become major employers in the US and the UK, Mittal said.

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) has 21,282 foreign nationals on its rolls as on March 31, 2013 while last year it was 17,329 in 2011-12. 8.5% of the 1,35,000 workforce of Wipro are foreigners. TCS for the first time added only 1390 employees in Q1, a low in the 15 quarters while in Q2 of last year saw 312 quitting the job. Infosys too hired only 575 compared to previous low of 945 leaving the job.

The low hiring within India by IT is part of a wait-and-watch policy on the visa reform Bill moving in the US House of representatives. The immigration Bill will have to be taken into account when laying out hiring plans. TCS hired one-third of the last quarter’s employees from locations outside India.