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Manmohan Singh appeals to opposition to make monsoon session productive

New Delhi, Aug 4 (): Expressing concern over the time spent in the last two to three Parliament sessions, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday urged the opposition parties to assist and lend a hand in the passage of the legislative business including the most vital ordinance on Food Security bill.

Assuring the opposition to deal with and tackle all the issues raised by it, the PM hoped for a positive and fruitful Monsoon session starting Monday. “I hope it will be a very constructive and productive session of Parliament,” said the Prime Minister. Claiming that a number of legislative agendas are awaiting before the assembly, Mr Singh expressed concern saying that a lot of time was wasted in previous two to three sessions.

Discussing the issue after an all-party meet, Dr. Singh told reporters that the government sincerely hopes that all sections of the House will cooperate in making the session very productive and very constructive. Making a request to the opposition, Mr Singh urged and requested cooperation in passing the essential legislative work which is the major responsibility of Parliament. Singh was quoted saying that of all the five to six ordinances before Parliament, the most significant is the one on Food Security.

“To convert that ordinance into a bill through an Act of Parliament, I sincerely hope that Parliament in its wisdom find it justified to pass that,” said the PM.  The total list of pending bills with the government exceeds 100, with 44 bills listed in the Monsoon session of Parliament, and just 16 working days left, said sources.

Though the opposition has shown reservation on some bills, the BJP has demanded a discussion on relaxation of FDI norms, rupee crisis, Uttarakhand tragedy, while the Trinamool Congress has demanded the centre to decide on the fate of the small states after the Congress has approved for a separate Telangana. The BJP wished the parliament to discuss on Uttarakhand tragedy, fall in rupee and the disagreement between CBI and intelligence agencies.