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Vodafone launches K3800 high speed 3G dongle at Rs 1750

Mumbai, Aug 3 (): Vodafone India has launched high-speed 14.4 mbps 3G dongle – K3800 with live web chat support at a price of Rs 1750 on Thursday. The launch is planned to meet the demand for high-speed mobile data services.

The Vodafone K3800 3G dongle can be used for all major operating systems, like latest Window 8, Mac, Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu. It is capable of downlink speeds up to 14.4 Mbps and uplink speeds up to 5.76 Mbps. For subscribers, who want to store the data as well, this dongle provides micro SD card support with expandable memory of up to 32 GB.

At the launch event, Vodafone India Commercial Officer Vivek Mathur said that Vodafone always looks to provide the best products and services at great value for money to the customers. He added this dongle at an affordable price with the high-speed of up to 14.4 Mbps, live web chat for support, will make high-speed mobile internet accessible to a wider audience base. The high-speed connection allows the users to view videos.

A unique feature of the product is a customized and interactive landing page that offers an engaging experience to subscribers with easy access to various services like email and social networking site updates as well as ability to customize the settings and widgets.

The user interface of the dongle is customizable and allows users to send and receive SMS based messages on their Vodafone number right through their computer.

Vodafone K3800 3G dongle is available at major Vodafone retail stores and comes in three colours, black, red and dual-tone white-and-red.

Plans for the Vodafone K3800 include a Rs. 175 prepaid plan that offers 1GB data valid 30 days and a Rs. 499 prepaid plan that offers 3GB data valid for 30 days. The post-paid customers can get 4GB data free for two months for Rs. 499. All plans are valid in Mumbai, and may vary in other regions.