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Lilo goes totally topless in ‘The Canyon’

London, August 3 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan is seen flashing her breast in a series of sex scenes in her new film, The Canyons, with porn star James Deen.

Lindsay Lohan had reportedly refused to do the sex scenes until the crew stripped down to their underwear. She was apparently so tense that she said she would not do it until the cameramen and other people on set took off their clothes with her.

The hesitant crew eventually gave in to her request and filmed the rest of the scene in just their underwear. Her publicist even praised the ‘sensitive crew’ for their ‘understanding’, the Mirror reported.

Screenplay writer Bret Easton Ellis praised Lindsay, who plays a girl called Tara in the low-budget erotic thriller, saying she is very knowledgeable about film composition.

Lilo had previously stripped for Playboy and also skinny-dipped in the film ‘Machete’. (ANI)