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Class 7 students in Delhi discover asteroid, get international recognition

New Delhi, Aug 3 (): Shourya Chambial and Gaurav Pati, Class 7 students of Amity International School in Delhi, have discovered an asteroid which has earned them international recognition.

They discovered an asteroid in June 2013, which has been provisionally named 2013 LS28. The boys started their discovery after attending International Astronomical Search Collaboration’s (IASC) “Asteroid Search Campaign” in May along with their Physics teacher.

One of the boys told that in the campaign they were told that it was possible to identify an asteroid. At the workshop they were shown a software called Astrometrica and were also taught to analyse the data with the help of the software.

Also at the campaign, two asteroid specialists explained them about the asteroids and their enormous size posing a threat to the world. Both of them got inspired to discover an asteroid. They downloaded the software but when they were using the software they realized it was not easy. They spent hours on the software every day, he added.

On June 11, they submitted their Minor Planet Centre (MPC) report file with a total of 62 moving objects, among them 26 objects were found by Shourya and 36 were found by Gaurav. Soon, they received a mail within three days stating that one of their asteroids had been considered as a preliminary discovery.

Then they received another mail that their asteroid is a provisional one. The mail further said that the centre is waiting for the object to be placed in the world’s official minor body catalogue maintained by Astronomical Union (Paris).

Both the students are extremely interested in space and astronomy. Gaurav has a fascination for Space since he was six years old and wants to become a Science fiction writer, while Shourya has been exploring and learning about Space since he was eight years old and hopes to go to Stanford or Harvard and eventually join NASA. Shourya said the asteroid looked alarming like an old woman.