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98pc of drivers don’t understand warning symbols on dashboard

London, July 31 (ANI): Most of the drivers fail to identify what they are being told by the warning lights that appear on their car’s dashboard, it has been revealed.

A new study has found that 95 percent has no idea about the common symbols for anything from routine maintenance alerts about low screenwash levels right up to “critical” warnings of engine failure, the Daily Express reported.

The research, involving 2,000 British drivers, suggested that 86 percent did not know which symbol covered the air-conditioning, while 70 percent failed to identify the tyre pressure warning.

According to research by breakdown firm Britannia Rescue, around 48 percent did not recognise the brake warning light.

It was found that only one driver in 52 correctly identified 16 of the most common symbols.

The study looked at 99 separate lights in 15 of the most popular cars, ranging from a Nissan hatchback to a Mercedes-Benz. (ANI)