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Hazare claims Modi, Rahul unfit for PM’s post

New Delhi, July 27 (): Considering Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as unfit to hold the post of Prime Minister, social activist Anna Hazare on Friday said that both Modi and Rahul Gandhi are unacceptable for prime ministership and cannot take over the dignified and respected position.

Responding to question when asked by reporters whether Modi and Rahul are the right persons to be portrayed as the Prime Ministerial candidates, Anna Hazare in the midst of his ‘Jantantra Yatra’ said that while Modi has created obstacles in setting up Lokayukta in his ten years regime being the chief minister of Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi also cannot be regarded as the right candidate for the post of prime minister.

Claiming that corruption and unlawful activity are the outcome of party politics in India, Hazare said that his Jankranti Morcha is making efforts to bring six crore dedicated workers together in combine and with the help of these krantikari he will start the  next part of struggle for the Jan Lokpal at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in December. He further questioned  what is the use of discussing about Modi or Rahul as the country will not get the right leadership, as long as the Prime Minister is attached to a political party.

Following Amartya Sen’s controversial remark over the Gujarat Chief Minister that he would not like to see Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister was followed  by another noted economist Jagdish Bhagwati who said that he has no particular fondness for either Modi or Rahul Gandhi.

Talking on poverty, Hazare said that those people sitting in the air-conditioned rooms cannot estimate poverty. “How can Rs 33 provide meal to one mouth,” said Anna Hazare.

The country and its fate would change only when youth start electing people with a clean image, said the anti crusader pointing towards the UPA government which cheated people as its intention was not to create corruption free country.