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Top 10 tourist destinations In India, AP tops the list: Ministry of Tourism

July 25 () : Among the top ten tourist destinations in India, Andhra Pradesh has topped the list, according to Union Ministry of Tourism data.

In terms of number of domestic tourist visits, the top destinations in India are listed below as given by the Ministry of Tourism:

Top ten tourist destinations in India 2012 (in terms of tourist arrivals in millions)

Andhra Pradesh (206.8)

Tamil Nadu (184.1)

Uttar Pradesh (168.4)

Karnataka (94.1)

Maharashtra (66.3)

Madhya Pradesh (53.2)

Rajasthan (28.6)

Uttarakhand (26.8)

Gujarat (24.4) and

West Bengal (22.7).

Overall picture shows that at domestic tourist destinations, the tourist arrivals were pegged at

865 million in 2011 while it was

1,036 million in 2012 – which is an increase of 19.87 per cent.

Thanks to Tirupati Balaji temple, Andhra Pradesh topped the list of top tourist destinations in India in terms of domestic tourist visits last year. With a record 206.8 million domestic tourist arrivals in the state, Andhra Pradesh has emerged the topper as a favourite tourist destination in India.

This was followed by Tamil Nadu with 184.1 million arrivals and the third spot was taken up by Uttar Pradesh with 168.4 domestic tourist arrivals, according to data available with the Union Ministry of Tourism.

Tirupati Balaji temple located in the hill town of Tirumala near Tirupati  in Chittoor  district of   Andhra Pradesh has the unique honour of being the ‘most visited place of worship in the world.’

Meantime, in terms of the number of foreign tourist visits (FTVs) to States/Union Territories in India,Maharashtra topped the list in 2012 too as was seen in 2011.