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The Whistle language of Dolphins

London, July 25 (): According to experts from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, Dolphins can communicate with each other by calling their unique names. The names are just different signs of sound.

Dolphins, a variety of Marine mammals in the genera of Whales live in shallow seas. The community of Dolphins living in oceans cannot smell each other to seek and find them. They do not have any landmark too to identify the location of their relatives. They have a strong sense of living together. Therefore they should have evolved certain individual traits helping in community living.

In an experiment conducted under water by recording and replaying the whistles of dolphins it has been
confirmed that each dolphin responds to known sounds.

Since Dolphins do not have specific homes or nests it is important for them to locate their community. They use “signature whistles”. Further classification of whistles for eating or mating has to be studied in depth.

Dolphins community can live in fives to hundreds of Dolphins. The Dolphins can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of hearing capacity of man. They find their prey only through echolocation. They tactically surround group of fishes for a feast.

Development of Communication among mammals is to be studied to find the development of human languages from the origin. Since Dolphins are playful with human they can be well trained for studies.

Already it is possible to train animals and birds to do the activities commanded by a trainer. A parrot is one of the best examples which can be trained to repeat the words. Dolphin is one of the mammals which are suitable for training in captive.