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Unemployment among Muslims come down

New Delhi, July 23 () : Muslims who reside in rural and urban areas got more jobs than in 2004-05 according to data released by the National Sample Survey Office.

The rate of unemployment among Muslims in the rural areas  in 2005 was 2.5% and in 2010 it has come down to 1.9% and in urban areas it was 4.1% that has come down to 3.2% .

In developed countries. a person is rated as jobless if he/she is literally doing no work and has no regular income. In India, even if a person is engaged in part-time work,it is treated as employed.

Data shows that Hindus in the rural rate of unemployment was 1.5% for 5 years and Christians who were the worst hit in 2005 with 4.4% of them being jobless made gains to reduce the rate to 3.9%.

Similarly, 3.4% of Sikhs were jobless and in five years only 2.4% were without work. But Sikhs in urban areas were hit. 4.6% were jobless in 2005 and by 2010 it rose to 6.1%, the highest among religious communities.

In 2005, 8.6% of Christians in urban areas were jobless but in 2005 it fell to 5.7%, a steep decline for any community. Unemployment rate of Hindus too in cities fell from 4.4% to 3.4%.

The Union Ministry for Minority Affairs put up before the Cabinet for creation of a corporation to manage and develop Wakf properties. At present, 4 lakh acres of Wakf properties are in the country. They are regulated by a Wakf welfare council and State Wakf boards.

Wakf property is a donation given by a Muslim to the mosque. Most of these properties are not properly used and state boards are filled with irregularities. The development of such properties and making them commercial to generate money is the aim. If implemented, it could generate Rs 10,000 crore each year and it could be used for many schemes to uplift the minority community, says Minority Affairs Minister Khan.

“The main thrust would be on finding commercial properties and developing them,” he said. Lack of money was hindering State Boards from developing these properties and Sachar committee had suggested this, said Khan.