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Asteroid to fly past Earth today

Washington, July 23 (): An asteroid NE19, newly found and about the size of a football ground will fly past Earth tonight. Pan-STARRS telescope in Haleakala, Hawaii had discovered Asteroid 2013 NE19 less than a week ago.

The Asteroid NE19 is estimated between 194 feet and 426 feet wide in size. The Asteroid is passing at 11 Lunar Distances from Earth. It will pass within 4.2 million kilometres (2.6 million miles) of Earth tonight. It is estimated at a speed of 64,000 miles per hour, which is around 18 miles per second. However, Scientists said that there is no danger that it will strike Earth during this pass.

This asteroid is considered a near-Earth object (NEO) by NASA.  Any object that can come within 28 million miles of earth will be classified as a NEO.

The online Slooh Space Camera planned to webcast live views of Asteroid 2013 NE19′s close approach from the observatory in the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa. It can be watched live here on SPACE.com at 9 p.m. EDT (0100 GMT Tuesday), courtesy of Slooh.

Slooh CEO Michael Paolucci said, “Slooh’s imaging technology and high-altitude location in the Canary Islands are well suited for a tricky object like this, which may be impossible for garden-variety setups to capture.”

Last month, the agency reported that around 10,000 near-Earth objects had been discovered.