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Maryan : Review

Chennai, July 20 (): Ace ad filmmaker Bharathbala makes his Tamil feature film debut with Maryan. It is a simple story of love that makes us realise its power in the most visually extravagant way.


3 / 5


Director   : Bharath Bala

Cast         : Dhanush, Parvathy, Appukutty, Jagan

Music      : AR Rahman


Maryan (Dhanush) is a violent fisherman who is attracted to the energetic Panimalar (Parvathy) who in turn is crazy about him. But, local money-lender Theekkurissi (Vinayakan) has an eye on beautiful Pani and wants to marry her in return to the huge loan that her father (Salimkumar) had taken. To support her financially, Maryan is forced to take up employment on contract basis for two years in Sudan.

When Maryan plans to return, he along with co-workers is abducted and held ransom by Africans to get money from the company they work for. After 21 days in captivity, Maryan escapes and runs for his life. How does Maryan escape from the hot deserts where he is tortured and held captive? Will he meet Pani?


Dhanush has once again given a dedicated and fascinating performance, which is the biggest strength of the film. He has portrayed his character with much pain. His emotional prowess is shown in the scenes when he grieves for the loss of his dear friend, during his phone calls with Panimalar and when he overcomes his starvation with an imaginary feast of seafood. It looks he will be a strong contender for another award.

Parvathy Menon looks really attractive in realistic native costumes. She shows her emotions and proves she is a terrific actress. Her chemistry with Dhanush is really intimate and adds a lot of depth to the movie.

Appukutty, Jagan and Uma Riyaz Khan have all done their roles with a lot of energy.

A.R.Rahman has used the magical tunes of the tracks ‘Enga Pona Raasa’ and ‘Kadal Raasa Naan’ as part of the movie’s background score and this will vibrate in your heart, long after the show is over.

Technically, Bharath Bala has made a brilliant film.


‘Maryan’ is a technically brilliant love story. The first half of the film is a tribute to love. The romance between Dhanush and Parvathy has a good appeal.