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India’s virtually indestructible Hindustan Ambassador taxi hailed as one the world’s best

London, July 19 (ANI): India’s virtually indestructible Hindustan Ambassador car has won the crown for the world’s best taxi at the Beaulieu’s World of Top Gear motorsport show.

In the second instalment of the show, now in its 20th series, Top Gear’s executive director Professor Richard Hammond organised a world taxi shootout to find which car could claim the crown as the world’s best taxi.

And, the winner was India’s Hindustan Ambassador.

Keen students of the car will note that this machine started life in Britain as the Morris Oxford, but, with a quick name change, it went on to become one of India’s most enduring vehicles.

In winning the crown of durability, the Hindustan Ambassador taxi saw off rivals from Britain, America, Germany, South Africa, Mexico and Russia.

This taxi will join a whole host of vehicles at Beaulieu created by the Top Gear presenters for some of their most ambitious challenges. (ANI)